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Year of the Pig Craft

With a new year already arrived, 2019 looks promising.  This is the Year of the Pig who is associated with the Earth element and people born in this year will have great personalities and good fortune. Pigs are cute, pink, and fat and make perfect subjects for crafting.  Let’s start the year off right with a Year of the Pig craft!

year of the pig craft


Supplies needed

To construct our Year of the Pig piggy you’ll need the following:year of the pig craft

  • construction paper – pink and orange (or peach)
  • pink pipe cleaner
  • googly eyes
  • black & pink markers
  • 2 clothes pins
  • scissors
  • glue
Steps to create your little piggy

First, we need to cut all the shapes out.  You’ll need:

  • 1 pink oval (body)
  • 1 pink circle (head)
  • 2 orange/peach triangles (ears)
  • 1 smaller orange/peach circle (snout)

The size of the shapes depends on you, but keep in mind how tall the clothes pins are.  You don’t want to cut out a body too small unless you want your piggy to have really long legs 😉year of the pig craft

The next step is to make the tail by twisting the pipe cleaner. To do this, you may need to cut it in half so it’s not too long.  You can also use a pen, pencil, or crayon to twist the pipe cleaner around to make it easier.

Now take your pink marker and color the clothes pins on all sides.  You can use paint if you’d like but you’ll have to give it some time to dry.

For the last step, you just need to assemble your pig. Be sure to draw the nostrils with the black marker onto the snout to finish it off.




Our Year of the Pig is now assembled!  Doesn’t it look cute!?  We at the Little Hands Crafting Company would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  Oink!


For more information about the Year of the Pig and other Chinese Zodiacs, click here.

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