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Yarn Farm Animal Craft

After scouring Pinterest for kid friendly yarn craft ideas, inspiration finally struck when I found this wonderful yarn wrapped cardinal craft tutorial.  I’ve decided to take this outstanding idea and create this fun and simple Yarn Farm craft.  This craft is made for kids of all ages and creates whimsical barnyard creatures that can be used for versatile play or room decor.

kid friendly yarn craft - yarn farm animals pig, goat, and dog


For this kid friendly yarn craft we created three farm animals (goat, pig and dog) using the following tools and supplies:

  • Cardboard
  • Yarn
  • Googly eyes
  • Tacky Glue
  • Paint
  • Buttons
  • Scissors

First you want to print and cut out the animal faces on this Yarn Farm Template (the template includes a cow, horse, dog, pig, and goat).  Then trace the shapes onto the cardboard and cut those out.  Now paint each cutout.  We used colors matching the yarn for each animal (with the exception of the dog) – we used pink for the pig, grey and brown for the goat and a brownish red for the dog.

kid friendly yarn craft - cut and paint cardboard farm animal shapes

Once the paint is dry, get ready for wrap your yarn!  Before you start make sure there are no knots in the yarn – that leaves a bumpy mess.  We wrapped each barnyard creature as follows: pink for the pig, grey for the goat and white for the dog.  Now tape or glue the end of your yarn to one side and begin wrapping.  You can use as much or as little yarn as desired and wrap it however you want.

kid friendly yarn craft - wrap yarn around the farm animal cutouts

Last, add some googly eyes and a button nose and you have yourself a barnyard creature!  If you want to get really creative, add some extra embellishments such as a mouth, whiskers, hair, etc.  Hang them up on your wall or add a body (sticks, stuffed socks, etc.) and create puppets… the options are endless with this kid friendly yarn craft!

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