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Valentine’s Day Vases

Flowers are a standard Valentine’s Day gift for all the loved one’s in your family and of course its not complete without a vase!  These Valentine’s Day Vases are easy to make and will highlight the love and friendship you (or your kids) have for those you care about. valentine's day vase

What You’ll Need
  • Craft sticks (plain or colored- your choice)valentine's day vase
  • Tin can
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Glue
  • Decorations

To assemble your Valentine’s Day Vase you will first need to make sure all the paper is peeled off your tin can and make sure its clean.  Be careful – some cans could have sharp edges where the lid use to be.  After the can is free from paper and dried, you can now start gluing the sticks on.  Be generous with the glue but don’t run the glue the entire length of the craft stick because part of the stick will not be directly in contact with the tin can.  See images below.

valentine's day vase     valentine's day vase     valentine's day vase

Next, tie the ribbon or twine around the can and sticks.  This provides both function (an extra hold to keep the craft sticks firmly in place) and decoration.  You can place your ribbon or twine in the middle, top, or bottom- its your choice!  You can also have more than one or none at all (though we do recommend at least one).

valentine's day vase     valentine's day vase

The last step is to decorate!  Here is where your (or your kid’s) creativity comes into play.  You can add stickers, rhinestones, paint, paper shapes, and more… the options are endless!

Use this craft to spend time with your special someone’s whether it’s a friend, a sibling, parent, or teacher!  Create these wonderful Valentine’s Day Vases to show them you care.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentine's day vase

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