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Mini Catapults

simple kid craft mini catapultHere at Little Hands Crafting Company, we love a simple kid craft and want to share them with you.  Spending time together with your children is great but sometimes having them stay busy by themselves is good too.  These mini catapults are fast and easy to make, plus it can keep your kids entertained for hours!  Add some paper footballs or use food products such as cheerios and your set.

Mini Catapult

What you’ll need:

  • 3 rubber bands
  • 10-12 craft sticks (popsicle sticks work too)
  • Paper strips

First you will want to make your mini catapult by placing one stick in the middle of the other, keeping it perpendicular (like a cross).  Then begin stacking 7-9 sticks on top.  Wrap a rubber band around each end as tightly as you can.  Next you will place another craft stick in the middle of the stack and use a rubber band to secure the end to the one below (see the image below).

simple kid craft mini catapult

Mini Footballs

To make the paper football, all you need is a strip of paper – any width and length will do.  First, take one end of the paper and fold it into a triangle by bringing one corner over to the opposite side.  Then, take the pointed end and fold up.  Keep folding it end over end until you reach the bottom.  Tuck the remaining paper into the open end and you’re done!

simple kid craft mini catapult


To launch your catapult, simply place the football at the end of the top stick, pull down and release!  You can use other objects as projectiles including paper clips, small toys, food projects, and even slim!  This simple kid craft is a great way to enjoy some quality time together this summer, or a great opportunity to get some quality alone time while the kids stay busy.  Enjoy!

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