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Key Wind Chime

Using recycled materials to make something new is always a rewarding experience and this key wind chime is just one fun example.  By having your children use materials from around your house you can teach them how to reuse items that would otherwise fill up our landfills and create something that will be enjoyed in your home.  Wind chimes are a versatile and fun way to recycle and a great craft for kids.

key wind chime craft for kids


To make these key wind chimes you’ll need to search your home for the following:key wind chime craft for kids

  • Plastic container (example: yogurt container)
  • String or yarn
  • Old keys
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Hold punch or knife

Keys are a great material to use to make wind chimes because they do make a twinkling sound when they hit and most people have extra keys in their junk drawers.  If you do not have any old keys laying around you can always find something else to use such as old bottle caps, washers and nuts from the garage or even old spoons!


To assemble your key wind chime, you will first need to paint and decorate your container.  For plastic containers, spray paint works best to cover all the writing on the outside.  Since we decided to make a bumblebee themed key wind chime, we used yellow spray paint.  For the keys, we used black acrylic paint and by adding some gold glitter glue, our key wind chime now has some sparkle to it.

key wind chime craft for kids

Next, we used a knife (a hole punch could work for certain containers) to make holes: one hole on the top (actually the bottom of the container) and five holes around the sides since we gathered 5 keys.  After the holes are made, now you just need to use your string or yarn to tie the keys to the container.

Last, find a place outside to hang your key wind chime so you can enjoy it for the rest of the summer!

key wind chime craft for kids

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