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Fun Spring Blowers

Need a craft to keep your little spring breaker busy?  Or how about an activity to do as a group?  Try making these Fun Spring Blowers using recycled materials.  Not only are you teaching the valuable lesson of recycling, you are also helping children make something that’s functional.  Creating something from nothing and then getting to actually play with it is always a great feeling.  So, let’s get started!

fun spring blower
Supplies Neededfun spring blower
  • Tissue Paper
  • Crepe Streamer Paper
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Scissors
  • Glue – Modge Podge works best or you can make a mixture of regular glue with a little water
  • Paint Brush
Instructions to Make your Fun Spring Blower

After gathering the needed supplies, our first step is to cut up the tissue paper.  This can be recycled paper from a birthday party or holiday.  Crepe streamer paper can be used as well.  Cut some strips of tissue and then tear them into smaller pieces.  Spring colors make for a very fun and colorful Spring Blower.

Once you have a pile of tissue pieces, now you can start gluing.  Take your paint brush and glue on your tissue to the toilet paper roll.  Like decoupage without the embellished paint effects.  Any tissue that’s sticking out on the ends can be tucked into the roll.  Layer as much as you like to get the look you want.  Let this dry completely so you don’t accidently rip off any tissue.

Once dry, take your crepe streamer paper to make the flowy part of your Fun Spring Blower.  We used three streamers but let the kids go wild and put in as many as they’d like.  Just glue them to the inside of your roll and let dry.

fun spring blower

Now you have your Fun Spring Blower!  These colorful toys can be embellished with flowers, stickers, markers… the options are endless.  Flower through the open end and watch those streamers fly!

fun spring blower

Happy Spring!

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