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Football Stadium

Super Bowl LIII is approaching fast, so while you are preparing for the big day, let the little one’s celebrate in their own way with this Football Stadium craft!  Keeping those little hands busy while you watch the game (and commercials) is essential so gather your supplies, put them at their art table, and go watch the game! 😊

Supplies Needed

For this Football Stadium craft, you’ll need the following:football stadium craft

  • Egg carton
  • Green paint
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 3 pipe cleaners
  • White tape (we used electric tape)
  • Brown paper
Step by Step

To make the Football Stadium craft you’ll first need to cut the lid off the egg carton.  We used an 18 count egg carton but a 12 count would work just fine.  Once the lid is cut off, paint it green then set it aside to dry.

football stadium craft


While the paint dries, cut your brown paper into at least 5 – 1 in. circles.  We used a circle cutter but it’s not necessary.  After the circles are cut, fold each in half.  Now glue them all together to create a fun football.  Cut some thin strips of the white tape and add the football laces if you’d like (see images below).

football stadium craft


To make the goal posts, you’ll need to cut one pipe cleaner in half.  Then take a half piece and a full piece of pipe cleaner and bend it into the proper shape (see image below).  You may need to wrap the base around the top bar a couple times to make it more stable.  Repeat for the second post.

football stadium craft

Once the green paint is dry on our field, use the white tape to make the field outline and the 50 – yard mark.  Then poke a hold on each end for the goal posts.  Your little one now has a Football Stadium to play with and enjoy.  Touch Down!

football stadium craft

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