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Egg Carton Critters: Bunnies & Chicks

Who says Easter is the only time to play with bunnies and chicks?  If you have some simple supplies and some time, you can create these fun and easy egg carton kids craft critters!

egg carton kids craft critters


Recycling is always satisfying, especially when you get to have fun while doing it.  For this egg carton kids craft you’ll need:

  • 1 egg carton – cardboard or styrofoam
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Googly eyes

To create these egg carton kid crafts, you first need to cut out the cups on your egg carton.  Try to make the edges as even as possible so you can glue them together later.

Cut out the egg carton cups- egg carton kid craft

Now this is the best part – painting!  What kid doesn’t like to paint?  Make it all one color or change it up and have a multi-colored critter.

Paint the egg carton cups - egg carton kid craft

While waiting for the paint to dry (be sure to let the paint dry thoroughly before trying the next step), cut out your body parts (beaks, wings, feet, bunny ears, nose and teeth) using the construction paper – no templates are needed – each critter is unique!  Set the body parts aside and once the paint is dry, glue two egg carton pieces together.  You may have to hold the pieces together for a minute so they don’t slide apart.


The last step is to glue it all together.  Once the egg cartons pieces are dried, add a beak, wings, feet and eyes to the chick.  A feather on the head is also very cute.  For the bunny, add the ears, eyes, nose, teeth and feet.  A pom pom for the tail is a nice touch as well.  Now the absolute last thing to do is to enjoy your new creation!

Assemble your egg carton critters

Bunnies and chicks are a lot of fun but you can create any animal using egg cartons.  Let your creativity and imagination go wild and create your own egg carton kids craft!

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