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Back To School Craft: Pencil Toppers

It’s that time of year again and the back to school frenzy is in full swing.  Malls, shoe stores, supplies stores, registration… the list goes on and the kids get tired.  To add some fun into the back to school process, try making these classic pencil toppers to go with your Backpack Name Tags!  This simple back to school craft is fun and takes less that 5 minutes.  Take a break from the crazy and have fun with this easy kids craft.

back to school crafto
Suppliesback to school craft
  • Pencil
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Decorations – ie: googly eyes, dinosaur cut outs, beads
  • Glue



Put it together

Pencil toppers have always been a favorite craft for back to school.  Who doesn’t like getting distracted from an assignment with a colorful creation on top of your favorite writing utensil?

To assemble these classic pencil toppers, you first want to wind your pipe cleaner around the pencil.  Then you want to curl the end to make a solid surface to glue.  If you want beads be sure to add them to the pipe cleaner before you make your solid surface.

back to school craftback to school craftback to school craft

Last you decorate!  Its as easy as that and takes no time at all.  Get your children ready for school and have some fun too!

back to school craft

Don’t forget to purchase a Backpack Name Tag craft kit!  Every student or young child needs a name on their backpack.  Instead of using a Sharpie, why not have a little more fun with these Backpack Name Tags!  Versatile and easy to assemble, these name tags will make sure your backpack comes back to you if it’s ever lost.

backpack name tags

Happy Back to School!

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