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Organic Crafting

Its that time of year again where the winds start blowing and holiday crafting begins and what better way to start celebrating the season than with a little organic crafting!  What is organic crafting you say?  Our definition at the Little Hands Crafting Company is simply this:  Organic Crafting is the act of making something out of organic materials.  Organic materials can be found in nature, something that came from a living organism such as leaves, sticks, pine cones, rocks… the options are endless!  In this article, let’s talk about some of the more popular organic materials used for crafting: rocks, sticks, and crafting


One of the most popular and easiest to find materials in nature are rocks.  Flat rocks, round rocks, big rocks… all can be used to make some pretty amazing things.  Pinterest has hundred of examples of organic crafting made out of rocks.  One example of a rock craft are games.  You can make rock games such as tic tac toe, memory games, and you can even create a domino set!

Another popular rock craft is creating animals and figures.  Dogs, lions, monkeys, and more!  A little glue and some paint and you have yourself a fun little figure to play crafting rocks

You can also just decorate them!  Paint, glitter, markers, feathers… make them shiny or sophisticated.  Its all up to you!  Rock are an excellent organic material for the creative mind both young and old.


Small twigs or even large branches can be used to create magical things.  There are so many fun and creative things you can do with this particular organic material.  One popular creation is to use sticks to make or decorate picture frames.  Add some dried flowers and leaves and you have yourself a wonderful gift for the holidays. organic crafting sticks


You can also use sticks to make ornaments, wands, string art, letters, wall decor… the options are endless!  A creative mind cannot be stopped when working with nature.


Artwork, leaf people, mobiles… these are just some of the things people have made with leaves.  Those warm yellows, browns, and reds falling from the sky, it’s an exciting time of year.  Capture it with a fun craft or art project!organic crafting leaves

Leaves have been an inspiration for school time crafts forever.  Do you remember making laminated leaf bookmarks?  Or maybe even doing a leaf rubbing art project?  Its amazing how many things you can do with this versatile organic material whether at home or school.


Other common organic materials used in crafting include pine cones, tree pods, long grasses, and feathers.  Use your imagination and share with us what you’ve used and created with organic crafting!  Visit out Pinterest page for more ideas on Organic Crafting.

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