The Little Hands Crafting Company, LLC is a mobile craft studio that engages children’s imagination by providing fun and creative crafts for parties and group events at a desired location.

The Art of Crafting

There are many opinions on the differences between arts vs craft.  Some believe that they are interchangeable; others say they are completely different.  At Little Hands Crafting Company, we believe in the art of crafting, where a person can express themselves through the process of crafting.  To understand this let’s look at arts vs craft a little more.

Arts vs Crafts

Arts vs craft

What exactly is art?  According to the Google Dictionary, art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”  It would be easy to complicate art using this definition, but in its raw form we believe art is a visual way to express yourself.  This can be through a created product just as a sculpture or through performance from musicians and actors.  There are many different forms of art.

Arts vs Craft

What exactly are crafts?  A craft is defined by the same dictionary as “an activity involving skill in making things by hand.”  We believe this statement to be fairly accurate, though having to be skilled at a particular activity is not 100% true.  All you need is some gumption and some time to make a craft – skill is not necessary.  Besides, most crafts come with instructions.

Arts vs Crafts

Bringing Them Together

Now that we’ve defined arts vs crafts, let’s bring them together in order to understand the art of crafting.

When you start a crafting project, you gather all your tools and supplies just as you would an art project.  You start meticulously putting your craft together: cutting, gluing, and maybe even drawing or sewing.  Each piece you put together is done by yourself so it’s likely you might put 3 eyeballs on a face or perhaps you want to use a different color instead of the recommended one.  Those differences are unique to you and are an expression of your ideas and imagination.  Just as with an art project, you can express yourself by using your hands to build something that has meaning.

That is the art of crafting – putting yourself into a craft by making it unique and awesome, just the way you are.

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