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Top 5 Paper Chain Crafts

Paper Chains are one of the most common pastimes of kid’s crafting.  Long, short, colorful, or monochrome – this is a craft that can be simple or complicated.  These 5 Paper Chain Crafts are our Top Picks and always have put a smile on our faces.  Recreate or just enjoy these unique takes on the common Paper Chain Craft.

The Birthday Countdown

birthday paper chain countdown

What child isn’t excited for their birthday?  Have fun making this Birthday Countdown paper chain and let your little one get more excited as the chain gets shorter!

Source: Who Arted?

The Disney Princess Chains

Disney Princess paper chains

Belle, Snow White, Cinderella and more – these fun Disney Princess Chains are going to make every little girl’s dreams come true.  Great for decorating, countdowns to a Disney vacation, or just for fun!

Source: Making the World Cuter

The Classic Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree paper chains

The holidays are approaching and to keep those kids on Santa’s good list, keep them busy by creating this amazing Paper Chain Christmas Tree.

Source: Around the World Christmas

Woodland Creature Chain

Woodland Creature Paper Chain Craft

With just a bit more patience, this adorable woodland creature chain will sweeten up any room and make everyone who sees it go “awwww!”

Source: Artsy Momma

Paper Chain Wall Art

Ombre Paper Chain Wall Art Hanging

OMG this Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging is a beauty and all it takes is some planning, paper and time.  Make a statement in any room with this fantastic and sophisticated piece of art.

Source: Design Improvised


With a little paper you can make anything you want with this simple chain technique.  Create your own and share it with us on our Pinterest page.

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