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Best Bookmarks Ever!

Reading can be a tough subject for children no matter the age so why not add some page bling with an amazing bookmark?  The following bookmark crafts have been called out as the Best Bookmarks Ever by our staff and will hopefully keep your child’s interest in books.  There is no order, rhythm or reason to our favorites so have fun, create, and start reading!

Tassel Bookmarks

tassel bookmark - best bookmarks ever

We’d rate this one as moderately challenging for a kid but with some adult assistance this terrific tassel bookmark is something they can be proud of.

Source: Think.Make.Share.

Unicorn Corner Bookmark

unicorn corner bookmark - best bookmarks ever

Who doesn’t love a cute origami unicorn!  Need we say more?

Source: The Inspiration Edit

Pom Pom Bookmark

pom pom bookmark - best bookmarks ever

Pom pom’s always remind me of cheerleading.  Let’s cheer for reading with these fun and easy Pom Pom Bookmarks!

Source: Design Mom

Duct Tape Magnetic Bookmark

duct tape magentic bookmark - best bookmarks ever

The days are gone when Duct Tape was just boring silver grey.  Now you can pizzazz practically anything with fun colors and patterns with all the crazy varieties Duct Tape has to offer.  To make this fun bookmark all you need is some cardstock, your handy dandy Duct Tape, scissors and a magnet!

Source: Happy Go Lucky

Fruity Corner Bookmark

fruity corner bookmark - best bookmarks ever

For some more origami fun, try these Fruit Corner Bookmarks.  Create a whole bowl of fruit for your reading pleasure.

Source: Twin Pickle

Monster Bookmark

monster bookmark - best bookmarks ever

Googly eyes always make a craft extra special and these Monster Bookmarks are no exception.  Simple and easy to make, these monsters will hold your page with ease.

Source: One Little Project

Ribbon and Button Bookmark

Ribbon and Button Bookmark - best bookmarks ever

These super cute Ribbon and Button Bookmarks will keep your place even if your book is tossed around (not recommended).  No need to worry about losing your place with this creative bookmark.

Source: My Busy Beehives

Beaded Bookmarks

beaded bookmark - best bookmarks ever

Use up your bead stash with these fun Beaded Bookmarks!

Source: What Do We Do All Day

Pressed Flower Bookmarks

pressed flower bookmark - best bookmarks ever

Our favorite bookmark – to make and to look at – are these Pressed Flower Bookmarks.  This example of Organic Crafting is a win in our opinion.  A little more work than others, the resulting bookmark is fabulous and very satisfying.

Source: Buggy and Buddy

Pokemon Bookmark and Pointer

Pokemon Bookmar and Pointer - best bookmarks ever

Do you have a Pokemon lover in the family?  Well encourage your child to read more of their favorite Pokemon chapter books with this fun Pokemon Bookmark and Pointer!  “I Choose You!” 😉

Source: Tough Cookie Mommy

Braided Bookmark

braided bookmark - best bookmarks ever

A little more challenging then some, these Braided Bookmarks will leave your little crafter happy with their cute and colorful reading markers.

Source: Little World Big Adventures

Duct Tape Corner Bookmarks

duct tape corner bookmark - best bookmarks ever

Here we are again – Duct Tape.  Your really can’t go wrong.  These easy Duct Tape Corner Bookmarks are a fabulous choice if you need to mark your pages quickly… and they are super cute!

Source: Sensibly Sara


That wraps up our Best Bookmarks Ever list.  Encourage your child’s reading with these fun crafts that will let them extend their imaginations beyond the pages.

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