If you’ve ever wondered what the  difference between each of these is, you’re not alone. Both of these compounds play a large role in the mind and body. They’re both important, and here, we’ll discuss what THCa is and how it differs from THC in terms of what to use. 

What to Know 

The first thing is that they’re both from the cannabis plant, but they’re used for two very different things. While they may be similar in terms of their makeup, THCa is much more toned down due to the lack of non-psychoactive compounds in it. In contrast, THC is indeed psychoactive, so it will affect the mental state. 

THC of course is a cannabinoid that’s in the plants. It does need to be decarboxylated, which means that heat and light treats this, to get the acids out of there. This changes the molecular structure, and will then bind to the receptors within the CNS

When it’s converted, it can then offer the psychoactive compounds, creating the high that you’re familiar with when it comes to this. THCa is of course, a cannabinoid that isn’t psychoactive, and is the natural part of the cannabis plant. 

When it is refined, it then becomes THC, making it the precursor to this. One may wonder if there are indeed benefits to this, and luckily, there are some health and wellness benefits, along with few side effects of both, and here we’ll go over it. 

The Benefits 

Cannabis isn’t just to get you high; it can be good for those who need something that’ll benefit them. Some research did link that THCa actually can offer some beneficial outcomes. It can help with your muscle help, improve sleep, help to reduce stomach issues, and also increase hunger feelings when you have a lack of appetite. It also helps with reducing swelling, and also supports symptoms to help ease the discomfort for other ailments, and also helps with the self-healing nature of the body. 

It’s also neuroprotective and improves a lot of neurodegenerative conditions, but also it’s an antioxidant.  You can actually get this through some products, extractions called THCAa crystalline, and even just having some raw cannabis leaves too, and you don’t even need to get high either. 

Does it Have Affects 

It is not a psychotropic drug, so no it will not get you high, and it doesn’t actually enter the receptors within the endocannabinoid symptoms. If the receptors are engaged, it can create that high sensation. 

However, you will fail drug tests if you do have this, since it does leave traces of the compound in your urine and other excretes. If the state lets you get a medical cannabis license, this can be a great way to kind of get around the problems of this. 

Is it illegal though? This is something that is not a banned substance federally. However, due to the connections of this with THC, some people do think that there are grounds for it to possibly be prosecuted. You should talk about the guidelines and also look at them before you decide to use this with your doctor. 

And of course if you want to protect yourself further, consider getting a medical cannabis license, since this is a great way to actually get the full effects of this cannabinoid, and it can be something to consider. If you don’t’ want to get high, then this is something to look at, as it’s an alternative to the traditional substance, and has a lot of benefits for you to have when you consume it too.