With more than 30 states allowing for the use of medical cannabis, this is something that’s become more and more popular with time. With over 16 million adults dealing with depression in some way, shape, or form, it’s something that can be a long-term mood disorder that involves both anxiety, and angst in the area around you. Right now, there is a big of research that’s been done to look at whether or not medical marijuana can be used for this, and there is some research for this as well, but not just for depression, but also managing pain, PTSD, anxiety, and so much more too. 

The research 

Right now, the research is scarce at best, with some of this maybe having an effect on this, and also help without the side effects too.  If you want, you can of course have this without the side effects. 

This has bee used in the past to already help with anxiety, and of course, anxiety and depression do have some connections, with the conditions oftentimes working hand in hand for the symptoms, reducing them as they go along. 

Many studies also showcase that some strains are great for reducing anxiety, and it offers an antidepressant sort of feeling through boosting the mood via adrenaline along with serotonin as well. 

The clinical trails are better at looking at the effects of this, along with implications of using marijuana for this, without much anecdotal evidence. For many people using marijuana as a recreational tool, it’s suggested that marijuana has therapeutic benefits for reducing anxiety and depression. 

The risks 

There are some benefits to using marijuana, but there are also a few risks that definitely need to be looked at. Some of them, include it could make someone paranoid or anxious if consumed too much. Marijuana dependence is another part of this. 

The best way to figure out whether or not this is right for you is through a medical opinion, especially when it comes to depression. Diagnosis of this is important, especially when you’re looking at this as another kind of treatment. 

You also may want to weight these options with cannabis specialists, since experts do have a better idea of the matter there, and also know exactly what’s right for you. There is a risk that dependence may be a problem, so definitely talk to your doctor before using this. 

Also, keeping in mind that marijuana does have a variety of differ side effects and some people might be able to feel these effects if they’re taken differently, so it’s best to discuss this with an expert before you decide to take matters into your own hands when it comes to using medical cannabis for depression. 


CBD is probably the safest way for you to move forward with this since cannabidiol is actually a product that’s properly deprived from the chemicals that are in marijuana plants. While many do doubt the effects of CBD, it may also be good for some people if they worry about getting high or have a sensitivity to the psychoactive effects. 

This can help with a variety of issues, such as both anxiety and depression, along with other conditions and problems too. You can get this in a ton of different products, with each of them having different side effects, but they can definitely be something worth checking out. 

While the research is not there yet, there is a chance that depression could benefit from this, however it should not be touted as the only way to treat it just yet until further research happens. 


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