Cannabis concentrates come in different forms, with budder being a type of them. People like this because it does have potential potency to be really high in THC, but what exactly is it? Well, it’s a concentrate of cannabis not unlike the frosting of a cake, and it’s not liquid nor is it solid. 

Think of it similar to peanut butter, but a lot more waxy in touch and texture. This is popular for a few reasons, including that it has almost 90% THC in some cases, and it keeps all of the terpenes in it, which means you’re getting some top shelf flavor and aromas. This is very expensive type of flower and is considered some of the most flavorful flower out there that those who consume cannabis enjoy a whole lot! 

How it’s made 

This is made through a solvent such as CO2 or Butane, but the cannabinoids are extracted through this. The solvent basically gets blasted through, the extract is taken from this, and then it’s purged using air pressure and heat. The extract does get agitated through this, causing the cannabinoids to crystalize into the item that we’re familiar with today. 

This is considered clean in most cases, with the purity being over 99% in most cases. It usually doesn’t have toxins, solvents, metals, mold, or other types of items that impact how clean this is. It’s very pleasant for those that consume it, and you can even taste the terpenes in this, and if you properly clean this, it’s one heck of an experience. 

There are some who believe that budder is the same as crumble, but crumble is much drier and has a powdery texture to it, while budder is moist and thick for most people. 

Consuming Budder 

You may wonder what the best way to do this. The cool thing about budder is that it can be enjoyed in a variety of different manners, but the best way to consume it is to actually consume it the way that you want to have this. 

The most popular is through dabbing, but it requires a rig and a tool to dab correctly. It does require a bit of technique, but you can use a quartz nail to really improve and enhance the experience. 

Vapes are another one.  If you’re willing to pay a bit more, this can be a great way to have it. This is like dabbing but easier. You load this in, heat it up by pressing a button, and then inhale to get the effects and taste of the budder you want. Water pipes or bongs are another way, and it’s the most preferred kind of way for most cannabis consumers. 

You can use different pipes though if you want to try something else. It’s simple, you just put this in the bowl, light it, and inhale.  It’s a bit harder to light compared to powder though, since the melting point is much higher. But if you do light it slowly and are patient, it’s a great way to consume it. 

Finally, there are infusions, which is a fancy word for edibles. Most people don’t want to have it this way, since it pretty much defeats how to use it.  But, if you want to try it, and you want to possibly consume it like that, it is possible. 

It is potent, so do be mindful of the effects of such. But, if you’re curious about the possible benefits of budder, talk to the local dispensary and see if they can hook you up with that for you to try. 


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