Anxiety is a very problematic and isolating condition. Up until recently, most mental health didn’t discuss this enough, which made many who suffered from this condition feel like they were feeling this way all around. Over 40 million adults all around America deal with anxiety disorders, and it’s one of the most common kinds of mental illnesses out there. This is something that also has a lot of different parts to this, and it varies based on the type of anxiety disorder you might have. Research has been done for the use of medical cannabis for anxiety, and it does offer results which are promising for many. 

Cannabis Comes in different forms

Marijuana is becoming a more popular kind of holistic treatment for this, whether it’s because of pain management, nausea, or just generalized paranoia and anxiety, and it can be good. Most people assume that smoking is the only way to do it. While popular, it’s not the only kind of way. Another super popular way is inhaling through a vape, and this is a very quick way to get it, but it does wear off very quickly. If you don’t like smoking though, there is a few ways for you to take this orally. 

Capsules, edibles, and even tinctures that you put under the tongue deliver powerful results that can help you. 

You’ve got to Decide what works Best

Like with any way to manage anxiety, medical cannabis for anxiety doesn’t apply to just one person. What works for one guy might not work for you, but your doctor can help you figure out which methods are best. However a little bit of trial and error will be necessary. Some may find that smoking is much more calming than edibles, and you may need either a much higher or lower dosage than other people. 

Some Strains Work Better

Remember that CBD is a big part of this, and it also does work with THC. While there isn’t a ton of research, it may be better to go with something that has low THC in it because if it has too much, it can make you feel more anxious, working the wrong way. You want to focus on something with higher CBD, and lower or equal amounts of THC, so it’s good to be mindful of this. 

It has other benefits

The thing about holistic medicine is that it can also treat other conditions that are in the body, rather than just one symptom. So while it may help with anxiety, it also may help with cognitive decline, skin problems, chronic illnesses, inflammation, and also protect you from neurodegenerative disorders, along with a wide variety of ailments and whatnot too.

You can’t get it everywhere

While it’s great to have, it’s important to understand that it isn’t legal everywhere yet. You do need a medical marijuana license in order to get this. While it is legal in some places, recreational is still illegal, so if you’re living in states where it’s not, you’ll need to get a medical marijuana card. While it’s still dicey on the legality of this, it’s important to understand that this can be a great way for you to better yourself, curb your anxiety, and feel better too. There are other benefits as well which come from this, and it’s very easy for you to start with, so you’ll be able to get the effects of this very fast, and you can talk to your doctor to figure out where to begin with using this type of substance to help. 

The Benefits of CBD

For those interested in using cannabis, CBD or cannabidiol is one of the ways to help you get the effects of this, without needing the psychoactive compounds that are typically a part of this. CBD is one of the 85 known compounds that are in cannabis, with THC being the other one that’s most common. Cannabinoids are chemicals that do offer relief, similar to how our body processes this. As a standalone entity, this is actually something that is really good for the body, and some people in the medical community have discovered the following: 

It reduces anxiety 

Helps with epilepsy and reducing seizures 

Offers natural neuroprotective elements to help mitigate Alzheimer’s

Is hypoxia-ischemia 

Helps with inflammation 

Reduces asthma attacks 

Is an anti-psychotic 

Stops tumors and prevents the growth 

But here, we’ll discuss a bit more about what this value means for you as a user. 

The Possible Value

With more pressure from the public at large, cannabidiol is something which has a ton of applications, but is still stuck in the legalization and politics, since it is a cannabis substance. However, with more focus on this, and more health applications possibly using this, there is a fact that it could help with a variety of different concerns. However, the clinical trials and documentation are still being looked at. 

Some New Studies

Some research has brought forth the discovery that it works for a variety of substances, particularly the use for treating what’s called refractory epilepsy, which is something seen in children who have Dravet syndrome. Some trials have explored how the impact of CBD plays a part in pediatric epilepsy, which means that there are positive results for children who are under 18, and most patients reporting that there are less seizures. Some evidence has demonstrated that CBD actually does help with anxiety related behaviors and conditions, which is mostly seen in PTSD, generalized anxiety, OCD, and also SAD types of anxiety. 

This cannabinoid is also becoming something that’s easier for patients to get than ever before, and the consumption has become simpler than ever. with tinctures already available, some people can just put this directly under the tongue, and then it gets absorbed. Some other studies have found however that CBD vaped is the best way to get it, as it’s immediately delivered to the bloodstream via the lungs. Edibles and such are also good, but a big part of this is that they do take a bit longer usually a couple of hours, before this takes effect. The same goes for topicals, which you can rub into the skin and it gets absorbed. 

Right now, the studies of cannabidiol is still in its infancy stage, which means that for patients who are interested in experiencing cannabis, cannabidiol may be the wonders you’re looking to work. With he trials and evidence that’s there, it could possibly pave the way. With more and more studies being done on this, hopefully in the future we see a bit more about this really soon. Right now, this is still something that’s only recently gotten studied, but we may see more and more evidence popping up of what the benefits of this signify for those who are interested in using this, but not just that, it’s also a sign that there may be a way to use this for the variety of different medical issues that are there too, and what it may means for consumers that are using this, and the future of this product, as well for them too.